Searchable Report Index

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August 15, 2015

CSN has created an Index of Reports containing over 200 reports and studies on subjects ranging from international humanitarian law to the impacts of counterterrorism measures on charities. Most of the entries contain hyperlinks to a PDF version of the report.

If you are interested in any entry that does not have a link, please contact CSN. 

For your convenience, the reports are categorized under the following terms. Please note that some reports may fall under multiple categories. 

  • AWS- Aid Worker Safety
  • ATF- Anti-Terror Financing
  • CVE- Countering Violent Extremism 
  • CoC- Code of Conduct and Guidelines
  • Watch- Government Watchlists
  • HA- Humanitarian Access
  • HuRi- Human Rights and Civil Liberties
  • IHL- International Humanitarian Law
  • Intern'l- International Issues
  • MS- Material Support
  • MENA- Middle East and North Africa
  • Mil Aid- Military/Security Sector and Aid
  • NP- Nonprofit Sector
  • Pb- Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution
  • Surv- Surveillance 

To easily search the document type "Crtl" + "F" if using a PC or "Command" + "F" if using a Mac.