The Charity and Security Network believes demonstrating the harm of laws and policies is only the first step in addressing the problems for charitable and faith-based groups in the U.S. That is why we are dedicated to developing and promoting solutions that address the problem in practical and sensible ways. xxx

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U.S. nonprofits have recommendations for removing unnecessary barriers to charitable work and establishing clear standards and fair procedures. The time has come to turn these recommendations into specific proposals that reflect the experience and expertise of the nonprofit sector. This section of the website provides a forum for developing these proposals. It includes sections on:

Principles to Guide Solutions

Information on existing (and widely accepted) statements of values, codes of conduct and standards that should guide a new regulatory regime for charities and security.

Models to Draw On

Provisions of some existing U.S. laws and procedures and standards from other countries can be borrowed and adapted in a charity and security context.

Proposed Solutions

Starting with recommendations to President Obama's transition team, this section will grow to include draft proposals with requests for comment and feedback. Once proposed reforms are agreed upon, it will include information on advocating for their adoption.