Proposed Solutions

Humanitarian Assistance and Peacebuilding Protection Act (HAPPA) Would Remove Barriers to Charity and Peacebuilding

The Humanitarian Assistance and Peacebuilding Protection Act (HAPPA) of 2015 is proposed bipartisan legislation that would reform counterproductive counterterrorism laws to ensure that essential humanitarian and peacebuilding activities can be carried out in conflict zones around the world, including in areas contro

Proposals To Improve Licensing Process for Charity Programs

CSN has outlined several proposals to improve the process for obtaining a license that permits charities to prevent and alleviate human suffering in global hot spots.  The proposals address problems with the licensing mechanism run by Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) that aid groups have repeatedly found to hamper humanitarian action in places like Somalia and the Palestinian Territories, with dire consequences for civilians waiting for urgently needed assistance.  Improvements to the current process outlined in the proposal include having OFAC issue clearly defined standards for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) applying for a license, timetables for responding to an application, and providing an explanation for any application that is rejected.

Model Policies for Fair Procedures for Listing and Delisting U.S. Charities

After summarizing current law on how U.S. charities may be shut down for supporting terrorism and citing problems with the lack of due process for charities to defend themselves, this article presents the rationale for a new approach and specific reforms that can bring the system into compliance with constitutional standards.

Summary of Current Law