Abstract: "Shrinking Space" Report Exposes NGO Monitor

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January 22, 2019

NGO Monitor is a politically motivated organization that maintains close coordination and cooperation with the Israeli government, according to a report issued last year by the Policy Working Group, NGO Monitor: Shrinking Space: Defaming human rights organizations that criticize the Israeli occupation. "It consistently shields and promotes government policies that seek to perpetuate, consolidate and expand Israel's occupation of, and control over, the Palestinian territories," the report states. 

The report goes on to explain that NGO Monitor focuses "exclusively on human rights and civil society organizations that speak out against the occupation." It notes that the group's website blacklists 250 Israeli, Palestinian, European and international organizations. The report concludes that NGO Monitor cannot be the "independent and nonpartisan research institute" that it claims to be, particularly given its boasts of close ties to the Israeli government and reliance on government bodies to facilitate lobby meetings. 

The report's author, the Policy Working Group, is a collective of Israeli ex-diplomats, academics and others, who on a voluntary basis advocate and promote a transformation of relations between Israel and Palestine. It is also engaged in advocacy to protect the civic space in Israel against "incitement and legislation by the Israeli government and defamation by affiliated organizations in Israel and abroad." 

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