Report Summarizes Outcomes of Multi-Stakeholder Meeting on FATF's Evaluation Process

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December 6, 2016

A new report, Enhancing Effective Implementation of FATF Standards on Nonprofits: Lessons learnt from mutual evaluation processes, summarizes the main discussion points and recommendations from a September 2016 a meeting with representatives of governments, nonprofit organizations and Financial Action Task Force Secretariat staff. The meeting reflected on FATF changes in policy on nonprofits and anti-terrorist financing rules, discussed lessons learned from the latest round of evaluations and examined how NPO engagement can contribute to a more effective implementation and review of FAFTF’s standard for protecting the nonprofit sector from terrorist abuse (Recommendation 8). It emphasizes the need to “develop a genuine and continuous dialogue between the various stakeholders and NPOs” and to provide “concrete guidance for government and evaluators in order to improve the risk assessment and evaluation processes…”