Former Fed Informant Now Suing FBI

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April 2, 2012

A former FBI informant who infiltrated several California mosques in 2006 has joined the American Civil Liberties Union’s (ACLU) lawsuit against the FBI for its controversial spying program, according to the Guardian on March 20, 2012. This and other incidents such as the NYPD's secret CIA-backed intelligence gathering operation aimed at innocent Muslim-Americans in the New York and New Jersey area appear to indicate that law enforcement is unfairly targeting people based on their religious beliefs. Monteilh agrees, saying, “The way the FBI conducts their operations, It is all about entrapment … I know the game, I know the dynamics of it. It’s such a joke, a real joke. There is no real hunt. It’s fixed.” 

He claims he was paid about $11,000 and that his FBI contacts gave permission to have sex with one of the women his undercover operation was targeting. "They said if it would enhance the intelligence, go ahead and have sex," Monteilh stated. "So I did." The Guardian referred to Monteilh's statement as an "astonishing admission that goes to the heart of the intelligence surveillance of Muslim communities in America in the years after 9/11."
The FBI did not respond to a request for comment.