Webinar Recording Now Available: Financial Access for Nonprofits: New Empirical Data

Event Date: 
February 28, 2017

With the launch of our new report, Financial Access for U.S. Nonprofits, the first-ever empirical data on the issue gives new insight to the problem known as "derisking."

Hear from the report's authors about the findings, stakeholder perspectives and possible solutions. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Recording Now Available


* Sue Eckert, Adjunct Senior Fellow, Center for New American Security and report author
* Kay Guinane, Director, Charity & Security Network and report author
* Andrea Hall, Communications and Outreach Coordinator, Charity & Security Network and report author
* Dawn Sikorski, Corporate Counsel, Islamic Relief USA

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Congressional Briefing: Effective Counterterrorism for a New Era

April 19, 2013

On April 15, 2013 The Charity & Security Network and Alliance for Peacebuilding hosted a Congressional briefing, "Effective Counterterrorism for a New Era." The briefing brought together a panel of experts in counterterrorism, civil society and military to discuss strategies for reforming U.S. counterterrorism measures to be more cost-effective and efficient. Video of the event is below.

Aid Experts Discuss Challenges Working in Conflict Zones with Terrorist Groups

January 8, 2013

A Dec. 13, 2012 panel of experts at Hunter College’s Human Rights Program discussed international humanitarian law, access to civilians in conflict zones and the challenges faced by aid organizations working in areas with terrorist groups. The panelists expressed concern that U.S. counterterrorism measures, such as the material support prohibition, make it nearly impossible for humanitarian groups and grantmakers to carry out their missions in some of the most intractable conflicts around the world. 

Event transcript available here

Congressional Briefing: A Crisis in Humanitarian Access to Civilians

July 10, 2012

A Crisis in Humanitarian Access to Civilians  

On July 26, 2012, the Charity & Security Network hosted a Capitol Hill briefing featuring a panel of experts discussing the dire situation on the ground in the Sahel and Somalia, how U.S. laws erect barriers to effective aid delivery, and how an international humanitarian law framework could help.  Examples were drawn from the CSN report: Safeguarding Humanitarian Access in Armed Conflict.  Click here to read its executive summary

Transcript of the event is available here


Video of the event is avaliable in two parts below

 Part I: Panelist Presentations


Part II: Q&A and Closing Remarks


July 1, 2009 Panel Event- Dilemma for US NGOs: Counterterrorism Laws vs. the Humanitarian Imperative

July 1, 2009

The legal constraints national security laws impose of U.S. charitable organizations cause tensions with international law and codes for humanitarian aid and development programs. The standards and principles expressed in the Geneva Conventions and International Red Cross Code of Conduct could be emulated by the U.S and incorporated into future polices.

This panel discussion featured NGO leaders and experts from the U.S. who shared their expertise on humanitarian codes, charitable groups and donors affected by U.S. laws and regulations.

Muslim Civil Society in the U.S.: Overcoming Islamophobia through Charity, Advocacy and Education

April 3, 2012

Muslim Civil Society in the U.S.: Overcoming Islamophobia through Charity, Advocacy and Education

Click Here for a Powerpoint Presentation from this Event 

Click Here for a Transcript of the Event

On April 11, 2012, the Charity & Security Network, in partnership with the Institute for Social and Policy Understanding and KARAMAH, hosted a panel of experts who discussed the challenges faced by American Muslims and how the Muslim civil society sector employed charity, advocacy and education to encourage diversity, equality and understanding.