Dalell Mohmed

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Executive Director,


Committed to a career of humanitarian efforts, Ms. Mohmed serves as Executive Director of KinderUSA, based in Dallas, Texas. Overseeing a myriad of operational duties and business dealings, Dalell Mohmed utilizes an extensive background in humanitarian-focused efforts toward establishing and upholding close relations with UN officials, international governments, and NGO personnel, and designing and implementing prolonged microenterprise schemes.

Before joining KinderUSA, Ms. Mohmed served as a Consultant with International Blue Crescent in Istanbul, Turkey, where she oversaw assessments of the company’s partnerships with civic society groups spanning four countries. Mohmed examined the impact of projects funded by IBC to determine the effectiveness of capacity building. She also undertook budget review, development of effective and efficient models for cost flow, project sustainability, and economic development. Supplementing her assiduous professional efforts, Dalell Mohmed is a wholehearted altruist in her personal life, contributing her time and energy toward philanthropic organizations and charitable causes across the greater community.

As a volunteer, Dalell provides support and aid to hundreds of people in need through her service with Habitat for Humanity and the American Red Cross Disaster Relief. She also devotes herself to serving the local community, as she extends her energy toward assisting many food banks and homeless shelters in her hometown of Dallas, Texas. In addition to personal volunteer efforts, Ms. Mohmed donates generously to several charitable organizations, including Save the Children, American Friends Service Committee, Palestine Children’s Relief Fund, and the Ronald McDonald House. Ms. Mohmed earned a Master of Arts in International Relations and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with an Accounting minor from the University of Texas at Arlington. Outside of her professional duties, Mohmed enjoys reading, jogging, biking, swimming, and traveling.